SECUREMAX Pilates Ball 45 CM

VAT included

Very soft material, anti-burst, for pleasant contact with the skin. Comes with an exercise guide.

Colors : Green
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In the office and home, the balloon Pilate SECUREMAX 45 cm is a perfect solution against sedentary. It is an ergo-dynamic seating developed in collaboration with physiotherapists that combines comfort with the ability to perform a series of large and micro-movements. Its original design helps to keep the body moving even by sitting and without delaying the ongoing activities. This atypical seat is finely thought out to strengthen the muscles of the back and legs but also to release the movement by inciting changes in the working position. It is flexible, playful and especially effective to work posture and avoid inopportunous back pains.

Replace its office seat with one balloon ergonomic back pain SECUREMAX 45 cm allows to maintain the basin in a slightly forward neutral position to relieve the rest of the spine. It creates instability that the body will have to compensate by adopting a correct sitting posture essentially with the knees that form a 90° angle from the thighs, the feet well laid flat on the ground and the back always straight. Like the Gym Ball, SECUREMAX is a real sporting phenomenon that allows mainly sedentary workers to practice physical activity in the workplace and without losing time. A particularly exciting perspective to lose weight and burn calories without even realizing it.

The sballoon riding SECUREMAX 45 cm is the smallest swissball in the range but is not less robust. This product is resistant to perforation and cut-off of sharp objects in the event of bursting up to 150 kg. In order to avoid all forms of inconvenience associated with a possible burst such as fear or a sudden fall, the balloon slowly empties from the volume of air it contains.

Thanks to a choice of several sizes available, you will certainly find the balloon SECUREMAX adapted to your morphology.


Data sheet

Max weight
500 kg
Ø45 cm
Delivery delay
1/2 weeks

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