Motorized sit-stand desk leg Height 62-128 cm Gray (Leg only)

VAT included

Powered office foot

Adjustable in length (100- 170 cm) and height (62- 128 cm)

Programming and memorization of positions from the digital screen

Color Gris.

Adjustable height: 62-128 cm

Adjustable width: 100-170 cm

Max load: 125 Kg

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TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES AND CARACTERISTICS Stand-alone powered office foot Height 62- 128 cm Gris (Better alone)


Opt for a height-adjustable workstation to enjoy optimal comfort at work. Referred to in our selection of high-end ergonomic furniture, this motorized office foot sitting- standing gray sold alone allows you to easily switch from the sitting position to the standing station. At a time when innovation is booming, it is difficult to deprive yourself of office equipment ideally suited to the morphology and specific needs of each operator. A functional and practical product, resolutely focused on well-being in the workplace that is able to correct posture and optimize productivity. It is in this sense that the concept of powered office structure KIMEX 150-2401. A meticulously thought out to contribute to success and professional development in all areas, this product takes on a completely individualized use.

This is office foot steel KIMEX 150-2401 presents itself as one of the office equipment with the latest technologies. It is a complete piety equipped with a cable management system and a silent motor mechanism with integrated anticollision. It is adjustable in length on 100-170 cm and in height following a setting range between 62-128 cm. Thanks to these ergonomic features, changing working position once the need is felt becomes simpler. The user is able to adopt a new posture that is always more comfortable in a handflow. By paying attention to these needs, the latter avoids backache and musculo-skeletal disorders related to the extended seating station. It can quickly transform its position into a standing office to continue working in optimal comfort.

The practicality gives you an appointment thanks to its three memorable positions. This is motorized office foot sitting-down grey can be adjusted to a height between 62 cm and 128 cm. This model can be used as a support for a table top of your choice.

Max load 125 Kg

Height / floor Height min 62cm / max 128cm

Electric cable length: 3m

Accessories included Visserie to fix the table tray

Optional accessories Set of 4 wheels (ref. 162-0001K4)

Warranty 3 years


Data sheet

Delivery delay
7/10 days

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