MAULseven Black LED mobile battery lamp

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MAULseven black color foldable LED table lamp with rechargeable battery

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Benefits MAULseven LED mobile battery lamp black

Enjoy optimal lighting wherever you are with the MAULseven mobile battery lamp. An integral part of an ergonomic workstation, it takes place anywhere to guarantee you appropriate brightness and fresh and modern decoration.
This is it elegant luminaire put on a current, almost futuristic design. Minimalist and refined, it easily integrates into all personal or professional environments. By using sober and effective color codes, the mAULseven integrates into a dynamic that takes into account the aesthetics and visual comfort of employees. Always on the page, the black and white are indemodible classics of workspaces. Their neutrality promotes a certain concentration and appeasement very appreciated in office-type spaces.
This battery lamp lithium-ion is completely independent of the permanent electrical network. It recharges via a USB port located on the side of its base. With a range of about 2h, this mobile model installs everywhere without need of a power socket. Pliable, it is easily transported in a bag to take place wherever you need it. At the office, on the terrace, in your workshop and even on a trip, this portable lighting solution thus ensures a great freedom of use.

Bad lighting increases the risk of eye fatigue and headache. Influencing well-being and concentration, it also directly impacts performance. To overcome his inconvenience, MAUL offers a source of light adapted to concrete features. This office lamp completes natural light sources and evenly diffuses light with an ideal luminous intensity of 224 Lumen. Its sloping head shape allows flexible and simplified employment. Adjustable, it directs the light, precisely where it is necessary. This is versatile luminaire allows you to change moods depending on your activities. Choose the light temperature between 3000 Kelvin and 5700 Kelvin thanks to the touch setting on the base. Recommended by occupational medicine this ergonomic lighting, more neutral and more comfortable, preserves your eyes and health.

More environmentally friendly than a classic bulb, this lED lamp gives rise to a real energy saving. With a weighted consumption of just 3kWh/1000h it promises a very good illumination while considering our planet. Resistant, it is a model with an excellent life span that will follow you long in all your trips.


- Number of light sources: 1
- Lifetime by light source (L70B50): 20000 h
- Energy Efficiency Class by Light Source: G (spectra A to G)
- Lighting of luminaire: 1560 lux at 26 cm distance
- Technical security design MAUL
- Dimensions: Height: 27.2 cm - Brass: length 25.3 cm
- Head: 21,7x5 cm - Support: 6,2x5 cm.
- Materials : Head, arm, base : plastic - support : surface protection layer
- Sold with its USB cable (approx. 94cm in length)
- Can be loaded by all USB Standard power supplies (1 amper)


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