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Based in the UK Ergochair provides custom ergonomic seats in Europe. Ergochair manufactures high-quality ergonomic armchairs for people with posture problems or disabilities. This allows them to work comfortably and realize their full potential. Ergochair uses all its custom craft know-how and tons of design expertise. Whatever the Ergochair requirement finds the solution.


Ergochair was created in 2004 due to a significant and significant market gap for office chairs.

Previously, there were thousands of "ergonomic" desktop chairs available, some even had a variety of simple features, functions and buttons. However, they all had one thing in common; they were standard sizes!

The products made in series do not take into account the fact that we are all different shapes and sizes.

So what was the solution?

Ergochair realized that the key to comfort and support in an office chair was to ensure that the basic adjustment was correct for the user. Something that no other chair manufacturer offered. Once Ergochair has established the “fit”, it is then able to use this individual information to examine the other specific postal needs of the user. In this spirit, Ergochair has developed a unique system. Take a specific set of measures of a person, which is then translated into a unique personal profile from which it is possible to create the perfect size chair.

Ergochair called this system and produced adapt® but they didn't stop there. They then developed other improvements to make the chairs even more customizable with armrests, head and neck supports, etc. as basic level adaptations.

True magic, however, has come in the form of our revolutionary system of assessment and specification easiSpec®.

Using this system, Ergochair worked alongside many occupational therapists and physiotherapists and was able to generate a custom chair prescription integrating our sculpture and air cell technologies. It was perfect to create custom chairs specifically for individual needs and/or handicaps.

Today, Ergochair, Adapt and easiSpec are trademark products in the United Kingdom supplied by the network of qualified dealers.

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By incorporating some of the best elements of adaptations into a range of portable posture products, you can benefit from the support you need when you cannot take your armchair adapt with you!

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