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Actiforce designs, manufactures and markets several standing-seat pikes, to design offices with variable electric or mechanical heights. Actiforce offers a line of upright seated office to change position easily. These spices are of high quality always at the cutting edge of innovation.

Actiforce is a family business, built on family values of honesty, transparency, creativity and willingness to add value wherever possible. As a small global company, Actiforce is independent and flexible. This gives the strength to set their own path. Actiforce values are reflected by the people who work there and are dynamited in their relationships with all our stakeholders.

Actiforce is known for its revolutionary action Active 470SLS, the first motorized system with position memorization function. Always at the cutting edge of Actiforce technology continually develops new products and accessories to enable everyone to adopt a healthy and painless posture.

Actiforce Mechatronics is the leading manufacturing division in Penang, Malaysia. Actiforce Mechatronics is responsible for the entire production process, from the purchase of raw materials to the control of the quality of the products through the distribution. In addition, Actiforce Mechatronics' management and team have a pivotal position in this process to ensure that products are of the best quality possible, and to maintain the flexibility required for custom orders.

Actiforce Mechatronics is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

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