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Linak became in a short time the market leader of the pietment market for office with variable height. Reference in the world the electric cylinders of the brand take place in almost all the seated system standing from the market.

We Improve Your Life!

The linear movement is perhaps the simplest movement in the world. But doing simple is also the most challenging. Since the founder of LINAK® Bent Jensen has had the idea of the first cylinder to help a wheelchair friend, each of the engineers and specialists employed by LINAK strives to solve the problems that people can encounter on a daily basis.

To date, the motto Linak is, 'We Improve Your Life', is reflected in all their businesses. In addition to their commitments in product development, the use or implementation of technologies, Linak always seeks ways to facilitate collaboration and partnership with clients and ultimately improve the lives and working conditions of end-users.

Solutions Linak make people move - their work and their lives.

We Improve Your Life!


LINAK is a family company, based on the desire to improve people’s lives. Linak develops high-quality electric linear actuator technology that creates movement for a multitude of applications in medical, agriculture, industry, offices and private homes.

In 2019, sales reached €560 million thanks to the work of 2,400 dedicated employees in 35 countries. The head office is located in the city of Guderup, in southern Denmark, and production sites are located in Denmark, China, the United States and Slovakia.

History The creation of LINAK® dates back to 1907. Christian Jensen created the machining workshop of which his grandson, Bent Jensen, inherited in 1976. Shortly afterwards, he invented an electric linear cylinder for a friend’s wheelchair and immediately detects the potential of the product In 1984, Bent Jensen changed the company’s name for LINAK – the abbreviation of “Lineær Aktuator”.

LINAK activities are based on strong commercial commitments. Linak consider them as their promise, not only to their customers around the world, but also to each other - every day.

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