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Swedish inventor Rolf Strömberg launched our first Mousetrapper 1994. A success that is now the market leader in the Nordic countries and is launched internationally. Today, we know, like most ergonomics and occupational therapists, that the pain in front of the screen can be avoided. The Mousetrapper was designed, developed and manufactured in Sweden and Mousetrapper proud to have total control over the entire process.


For over 20 years, Mousetrapper developed and manufactured ergonomic pointing devices. For Mousetrapper, it is a question of finding solutions that can help everyone stay healthy as well as by warning that by often relieving musculoskeletal disorders that can happen when working in front of a computer screen for a long time. Mousetrapper is aware that its inventions allowed many people to escape carpal canal syndrome.

Mousetrapper is a registered trademark, owned by Trapper Data AB.

Products Mousetrapper they offer an alternative to traditional mice, at first you wonder how you can work with these systems but with a little practice you wonder how you could do it before. The Mousetrapper have a particularity that other central mouse systems do not have, the customization of the user experience, you can configure everything according to your needs without difficulty thanks to a software of childish simplicity.

Mousetrapper revolutionizes the central mouse market, although their solutions have existed for 25 years, well known in the nordic market Mousetrapper to take time in France. Became a reference to market leaders Mousetrapper the solution you need!

Mousetrapper is committed to sustainable development, which goes further than the choice of materials and transport. Everything's tied up. The decisions taken today will have consequences tomorrow. It is naturally a responsibility for our planet and the environment, but it is also a question of creating favourable conditions for employees, contributing to general well-being and promoting healthy activities. Home Mousetrapper, a well-written policy is not enough for us. Mousetrapper wishes to participate and bring his stone to the building.

What is not a thin case! Acting as a producer, this leads to consequences that can be difficult to anticipate. But, to the extent possible, Mousetrapper wishes to be the element of a whole and take responsibility.

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