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Thrustmaster is an American manufacturer of computer peripherals dedicated to video games such as controllers, joysticks and steering wheels.

For thirty years, Thrustmaster designs and manufactures high-tech video game accessories, to satisfy and entertain all types of joueurs.Fort its know-how and technology expertise, Thrustmaster has developed a range of flywheels, flight simulation devices, helmets and controllers offering an extremely precise gaming experience, guaranteeing total immersion and realism optimized on many platforms.

Fearing of its fundamental values, "Passion, quality and innovation", Thrustmaster continually strives to improve realism and immersion in the legendary worlds of games by offering thrilling and truly exceptional experiences. From video game enthusiast to casual player, accessories Thrustmaster for PC and game consoles give life to the dreams of each.

Thrustmaster was founded in the United States in 1990: a brand specializing in the development of high-end handles. Team members Thrustmaster are trained by engineers and pilots of the'U.S. Air Force, Navy and NASA. The Millennium Manette is developed under NASA's license.

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