BAKKER ELKHUIZEN Ergo-Q Hybrid flexible tablet holder

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Ergo-Q Hybrid is a lightweight and compact stand that is suitable for both tablets and (hybrid) laptops.

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Benefits and technical features BAKKER ELKHUIZEN Ergo-Q Hybrid for tablet

Team your tablet with a support flexible BakkerElkhuizen Ergo-Q Hybrid to correctly position the screen at an optimal view distance. Both design and practical, this product is the perfect complement to individual comfort. If indeed you are part of the many people who adopt despite them an unbalanced posture like the head plunged forward, the inclined neck, the shoulders that fall or the round back; this support is made for you. This peripheral solution offers a great alternative by initiating its user to work in alignment. It helps to correct the posture by placing the computer or tablet at the right height. This position prevents you from unnecessarily curve the spine or lower the look to better see what is displayed on the view screen.

The support flexible Ergo-Q Hybrid is compatible with tablets and laptops up to 17". It offers optimal use of the material and encourages a good posture in front of the screen. You can work, study and surf in a much more comfortable way without fatigue of arms or eyes. By ticking your device in a good bolt angle, it is easy to maintain excellent visibility on the screen. By using the support ergonomic Ergo-Q Hybrid, you avoid visual fatigue, migraines as well as joint pain because of a poorly positioned tablet.

Adjustable on 4 different positions, the computer booster Ergo-Q Hybrid suggests great flexibility in choosing the ideal height. With only 15 mm thick, this ultra thin support is no less compact. It securely fixes the tablet or laptop while ensuring excellent ergonomic support. It is a multifunctional model for hybrid devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (with Ergo-Q Hybrid locking feature) and various tablets such as Galaxy Tab A 10.1, Tab 3 and Tab S2 9.7". It is also suitable for iPad 2017, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 as well as Surface Pro 3 (only without the possibility of Ergo-Q Hybrid locking feature).

Width 202 mm

Height 15 mm

Depth 293 mm

Weight 600 gr

Article number BNEQH


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7/10 days

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