Q-riser 50 Circular Screen Riser

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Simply adjust the height of your screen

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Simply adjust the height of your screen

Increase your comfort in the office with a Q-riser 50 screen booster, a dauntingly efficient solution to optimize the ergonomics of computerized workstations.

Complete the comfort of your desktop by equipping it with a Q-riser 50 screen enhancer articulated around design, ecology and functionality. A safe and simple alternative solution to enjoy a better ergonomics, it allows to favorably correct the working position. A booster correctly positions the screen in relation to the look line so as to avoid eye fatigue as well as posture in imbalance. The Q-riser 50 screen enhancer optimises the user’s working conditions in a convenient, comfortable, sustainable and affordable approach to the screen.

A perfect vision angle

Marrying sensations of discomfort that prevent you from working? Migraine, vertigo, eye pain, excessive blinking, blur vision... Think of checking the angle of vision of your view screen. Simpler yet, adopt a Q-riser 50 screen support, a thoughtful peripheral solution to combine posture and vision. It is an ergonomic device that is both preventive and curative, and is intended to provide visual comfort that is satisfactory to people who use a computer on a daily basis. Immediately adopt a comfortable position with a perfect view angle by installing a Q-riser 50 screen booster to raise your monitor.

Comfort and ergonomic

The Q-riser 50 computer screen support reinvents computerized workstations by correcting bad habits like having the head hung, twisted neck, over-engineed shoulders, rounded back or too straightened due to a poorly positioned screen. It forces the user to recover to gain comfort while improving the posture of the back. Pull a definitive line on cervical pain, unpleasant sensations of heaviness on the shoulders, stiffness on the neck as well as backaches that handicap your daily work. Practical and functional, the Q-riser 50 screen booster provides muscle overloads that can very easily harm concentration, in the same logic, efficiency and productivity. Indeed, if stress becomes too heavy to wear and the conditions under which you work do not seem to fit you, put on a better ergonomics starting with testing the benefits of a support and Q-riser 50 screen booster.

Design and circularity

In the design of the Q-riser 50 screen support, Bakker Elkhuizen takes on a minimalist design, sober but particularly elegant to easily integrate into all interior decoration styles. Q-riser 50 will be completely pleasing on a business office, a home workstation. It is a light accessory, easy to put in place and ideally equipped with a very convenient power cable management to cleverly hide the wires that tend to go in all directions or form disgraceful knots. Another advantage of the Q-riser 50 monitor, it allows to clear more space on the desktop. An ecological strand complements the great resistance of this product made up of 60% recycled bottles completely reusable. The Q-riser 50 recyclable screen enhancer introduces the circularity to the desktop.


100% circular: made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable raw materials.

Design: Dutch design & Made in Holland. High quality proof

Cable management: cable passage to conceal the screen cord.

Technical specifications

Width 300 mm

Height 50 mm

Depth 250 mm

Weight 224 gr

Type of CRT screens, Flat screens


Data sheet

2 years
Delivery delay
1/2 weeks

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