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Artificial decorative plant Bambu

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Choose this pretty artificial bamboo imitated to perfection to decorate your office. An effortless touch of greenery for an office area with Far Eastern charm. Very realistic, requires little maintenance and does not cause allergies.

Dimensions : Size 1.50mm
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What is more exotic than a bamboo to enhance your office?

A natural resource with a thousand and one uses, bamboo is a giant herb that appeared more than 200 million years ago. Essentially from China, this grass with persistent foliage conquered the country of the sun rising several millennia ago. Undeniable, she also made her entry into the world of plant design to sublimate professional premises. In the language of the flowers, the bamboo bears a message of longevity and strength. In some traditions, his empty heart symbolizes modesty. And in your interior decoration, you will find its artificial counterpart zero maintenance to inspire a Zen environment inspired by Japanese temples and gardens. A beautiful synthetic bamboo that will very well acclimatize in a nice corner of your office or residence.

A Zen style to adopt absolutely in its interior

Nain, small, medium or giant; in its natural or synthetic version, bamboo offers uses that are infinitely available. A decorative accessory with resolutely exotic accents, it does not demo effect. Set a soothing and pleasant corner where you will be happy to work with this pretty artificial bamboo in pot. Imagine a Zen place where design and nature are omnipresent? A workspace that lets a green decor rythmated by a more relaxed, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Do you like it? So don't think anymore, opt for a very trendy decorative bamboo right now, an element of choice to create an absolute zeal zone in your daily life. Highly plebisified to mislead the everyday, he brings his touch of exoticism to all interiors. Nothing like that to feel good at work, simply. In a way your artificial bamboo can quite embody the ideal masterpiece to regain concentration at any time of the day. A zest in good mood to start the day and finish the week!

An effortless green note for your office

When nature is invited to the office, one necessarily expects a bunch of associated tasks: watering, repotting, maintenance.. What if integrating a green note in its professional space was not necessarily reserved for those who have the chance to have the green hand? Or the grass gardeners at times? Facilitate life and embellish your office by opting for this sublime fake interior bamboo. Pained by an ecological note, it is a bamboo that is sustainable in time, does not dry and that remains green all year round. Neither the particle, nor the cold scare him, and in addition, he adapts to all the exhibitions, in the sun and in the shade. Unlike invasive alien species that grow too fast, our maintenance-free synthetic bamboo is particularly docile and easy to tame. You don’t have to worry about its “invasive” side to enjoy only its very exotic and Zen look over the seasons. Finally, you can draw a line on environmental requirements, wet soil, well drained... simply because your artificial bamboo will please perfectly in its pretty pot. It would really be a shame to get private!

A false plant more true than nature

Add a pleasant and warm atmosphere with a subtle note of freshness in your environment thanks to this bamboo imity to perfection, unsuspectable and doubled with rare versatility. It will be perfectly in its place on your desk, near the window, at the entrance, in the conference room, the relaxation room, the open-spaces... and will form with the whole of your furniture a space where serenity combines without any false note with tranquility. Our synthetic ornamental bamboo is organized on a rhythm in cascade giving it definitively a aura of light drawn in an original tone that can compete with the most beautiful floral compositions. Its beautiful persistent foliage resembles the real bamboo leaves at the same time narrow and elongated. A splendid shade of yellow-coloured green gives it an even more true appearance than nature. Its subtly bulkheaded knots make a mastery of this artificial bamboo exotic shrub. Definitely, the interior bamboo in its synthetic version is a true reference to it alone in the matter of false ornamental plants. To be installed in the office in common spaces or relaxation. at home, there will be more beautiful effect with a perfect illusion of reality.


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