Headquarters gamer REKT GG1 Black

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The model REKT GG1 combines elegance, discretion, and performance.

This chair is perfect both in open space and for your setup Gaming. It was designed to have the best comfort in any discretion at the office.

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Benefits and features Seat gamer REKT GG1 Black

Add more class and elegance to your gaming setup by adopting this seat gamer REKT GG1 Black. Sober and versatile, this chair combines performance and approval, with a very interesting cost/quality ratio!

This is seat gamer REKT GG1 imposes its mark at first glance. Its metallic black colour, half-bright, mid-tern, then establishes its discreet character and noble origins. This first impression is confirmed in the view of the refined finishes of the back and seat. The edges of the seat are white filaments. The same decor embellishes the edge of the folder and the headrest. The logo REKT, in white, appears on the lumbar cushion. The details of the embroidery, handmade, highlight the charm of the whole. You will have the impression that the design has been specifically made for you!

The rooted design of this chair kidg is at the height of his practicity. Its folder adjusts intuitively, reacting to your movements in front of the screen. You can also adjust its inclination up to 180°, depending on your needs. For your long night parts, a short pause in horizontal position on this headquarters REKT will do you good. In maximum concentration mode, the folder can be locked to the optimal position, using a lever placed on the right side.

The rocking mechanism headquarters gamer REKT allows a 30-degree swing without affecting your safety. This system works in conjunction with the Class 4 cylinder, the star tread and the metal structure to provide maximum stability in all situations. The 4D armrests provide additional security and comfort. You are free to adjust their height, depth, deviation and orientation according to your preferences.

Other features of seat gamer REKT GG1 will give you even more desire to use it. The dense foam padding provides the most pleasing support. This pleasant sensation is reinforced by the aeration provided by the micro-perforations of the simili-cuir. Say goodbye to the feeling of swimming in your sweat during long summer sessions! In spite of his name gamer armchair GG1 will also make the happiness of other users. Its ergonomic and stylistic qualities will not be too much in an office or in Open Space.

Technical specifications REKT GG1 Black

Weight 27 kg

Dimensions 88 × 70 × 33 cm

Name of model GG1

Weight 27 kg

Covering Simili leather

Colour Black Carbon and White

Armrest type 4D

Maximum load 150 Kg

Sloping back 90 to 180 degrees

Tilt lock YES / Locking mechanism

Covers provided 2 cushions

Armature Metal

Verin Class 4

Mousse high density padding

Adjustable armrs Left/right side function, Left/right corner rotation, Height function


Data sheet

2 years
Delivery delay
48 hours

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