Pair of 2 kg vinyl dumbbells

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Benefits and technical features 2 Kg vinyl weight Pair

Just get stress in the office thanks to this pair of vinyl weights 2kg. Discreet and versatile, it allows small body breaks, perfect for blowing between two meetings.
It is now proven that short regular breaks improve the physical and mental well-being of employees. To effectively fight against static work, these breaks can be supplemented by simple and fast fitness sessions. Mobile accessory halters are therefore ideal for these trainings. They are not bulky and easily transportable and will easily integrate into the professional space. This small pair of weights this will be easy to store near your office, ready to serve on the needs.
This is it strength accessory classic allows a wide variety of exercises for many benefits. Very healthy halters tone the body and allow to evacuate the accumulated tensions throughout the day. They stimulate and develop muscles in order to maintain a high level of energy. They also free the mind and thus promote creativity and productivity. Synonym of movement halters fight frozen positions eliminating musculoskeletal pain related to the integration of bad postures. This is duo fitness is a real ally of everyday life to keep the form at work, without the imperative of a gym.
This pair of weights is made of cast iron and raised with a coating vinyl for a more pleasant grip. Easy to use, weights weigh each 2kg and are thus easily manipulated for all users. These are halters hygienic and simple maintenance will thus agree to the greatest number to improve their working condition.


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