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1D armrests Height adjustable 150 mm - 240 mm

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Enjoy the unmatched comfort brought by these arms 1D. Support-ergonomic arm par excellence, they effectively prevent tension at the shoulder level. These armrests made of soft fabric support elbows with softness in a neutral position. They place them horizontally by moderately disengaged the forearm. By adopting this position naturally, the wrists are easily aligned with the forearms. These supports have a real function to anticipate joint and musculo-skeletal disorders.

Nice to use, this armrest pair integrates easily with the structure of your seat or armchair. Easy to mount, the use of this accessory remains astute to anticipate stiffness at muscle level and shoulder tendons.

To benefit from a more comfortable seat, these 1D armrests are adjustable in height. This allows you to adjust your forearms to the best height compared to your workstation. Simple to use, they easily adjust thanks to a button to the configuration of thesupport-bras.

You can adjust them to a height of 240 mm and lower them to a level of 150 mm. Such a feature allows optimal ease and makes the position of your members more ergonomic and less binding.

Elements of rest indispensable to the comfort of an office, these 1D armrests display a sober aesthetic. They add a touch of elegance to your seats and continually contribute to your well-being at work. By putting on these ergonomic 1D armrests, gain in quality of life and productivity.

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